These are parts designed and made by Trail Buddy for your classic Honda mini tail. The parts are made in the USA by people like you and me, we work hard to make them to the beast quality and price. You can fined these and many more parts for sale in our on line store.

This is a new stand designed and built by Trail Buddy Inc. in the USA. TB needed something better to hold the frame, engine and bike for rebuild and assembly. This stand is used for disassembly by removing the foot peg assembly and bolting the engine attachment to the foot peg mounting holes. With the frame attachment you can hold the frame using the engine bolt hole locations for all the body work and panting. After the engine work and body work is completed this stand works great for reassembly.

CNC Head Light Bucket Ears

This is a part made by Trail Buddy to replace you bent or broken head light bucket ears. This installs like the original ears. The ears have holes for blinkers and the head light bucket. Rough polished. The ears look great painted the color of your bike like in this photo.

Billet aluminum cnc machined top plate

This is a new billet aluminum top plate made by Trail Buddy. The top plate is made to fit your classic mini trail 70 or reproduction bike. These top plates will allow you to use your speedometer bracket that bolts under the plate. The billet top plate can be used with either the classic handle bar mount or the reproduction mount.